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Sirius Taekwon-Do is a martial art school organizing Taekwon-Do classes for kids in Espoo. Taekwon-Do, a Korean martial art, offers varied and fun physical exercise where everyone can find challenges suitable for oneself. Our Taekwon-Do classes emphasize mental development and life-skills by teaching the practitioners moral values and help them to build character. We teach in Finnish. For safety reasons, it is important that practitioners understand Finnish well and are able to communicate in Finnish during the class.


How to start?

We are starting new beginner courses for kids in August.

Tapiola course will start on Tuesday 20th August and Matinkylä courses on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

5–6 year olds on Tuesdays at 17:00–17:55 Tapiola Registration closed
5–6 year olds on Thursdays at 17:00–17:55 Matinkylä Fully booked
7–10 year olds on Thursdays at 18:00–18:55 Matinkylä Fully booked



Tapiola: Vindängens skola, Tuulikuja 8, 02100 Espoo
Matinkylä: Tiistilän koulun building B, Tiistilänkuja 4, 02230 Espoo


When you click the link for registration you get to our online registration system called myClub. You can change the system language into English from the footer of the page. Unfortunately, our notifications and event descriptions are only available in Finnish. If you need help or more information in English, don’t hesitate to contact the head instructor Veera Häyrynen.

The course lasts about 3 months and costs 135 € including a Taekwon-Do training suit, a white belt and the first grading fee. For the first classes one should wear sport clothes and be barefoot. Take a water bottle with the child’s name on it along.

All the Taekwon-Do practitioners must have a licence for Suomen ITF Taekwon-Do ry. The licence costs 32 € (price is for 2018-2019, next season price is not known yet) and is valid from 1st September till 31st August. You will get more information about the licences when the course has started.

The grading (belt test) fee for white belts is 5 €. The first grading is included in the beginner course fee.

The two first classes of each course are trial classes without engagement. However, all the students need to be registered in myClub. If you wish to quit after the second class, be sure to inform the instructor by email latest three days after the second class of the course.

The parents are welcome to observe the classes for the first two weeks. After that, we prefer parents waiting outside the training hall.

More detailed information for parents can be found here.


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Veera Häyrynen
info (at) siriustkd . fi